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Release Notes
Released: May 25, 2012
Minor tweaks and fixes.
  • Fixed minor bugs
Released: May 22, 2012
Minor tweaks and fixes.
  • Fixed minor bugs
Released: May 19, 2012
New search capabilities
  • Added search box to use for searching folders in your computer
  • Fixed minor bugs
Released: May 04, 2012
Minor tweaks and fixes.
  • Fixed minor bugs
Released: Apr 14, 2012
Minor tweaks and fixes.
  • Fixed minor bugs
Released: Feb 26, 2012
Reduced installer size.
  • Reduced installer size.
Released: Feb 25, 2012
Minor tweaks and fixes.
  • Fixed minor bugs
Released: Feb 25, 2012
Minor tweaks and fixes.
  • The collage creator is now saving embedded images instead of link to physical location on disk.
  • Fixed minor bugs
Released: Feb 23, 2012
Completely redesigned for simplicity and performance.
  • Improved overall performance
  • Redesigned UI
  • Removed unused modules
  • Simplified installation process
  • Fixed many bugs
Released: May 20, 2009
Maintenance release. Fixed serious bug that caused a crash on startup.
  • Fixed serious bug that caused a crash on startup
  • Fixed other small bugs
Released: April 27, 2009
Visions is now FREEWARE! New backup and online printing services. Many other improvements. (fix)
  • Fixed update issue
  • Fixed some GUI issues
  • Fixed many small bugs
Released: April 26, 2009
Visions is now FREEWARE! New backup and online printing services. Many other improvements.
  • Visions is now FREEWARE!
  • Added online backup services using Box.Net
  • Added option to order prints online
  • Added VisionsBar toolbar
  • Added merging several images to one multi-frame TIFF image
  • Added image convert quick edit
  • Added custom resize option to the quick edits
  • Added detection of removable devices (USB Sticks, Cameras and more)
  • Many enhancements to the program's design
  • Added option to remember JPEG quality for the current session
  • Reduced the size of TIFF images (enabled compression)
  • Changed default JPEG quality to 80% (instead of 60%)
  • Modified image email sender to cancel when image format configuration is not set
  • Updated the image send dialog to remember resize settings
  • Updated the shell extension's icons and menu items
  • Fixed some plugin loading bugs
  • Fixed crash when cancelling a quick edit batch action
  • Fixed general access violation crash
  • Fixed many small bugs
Released: December 31, 2008
Maintenance release.
  • Fixed random crashes when searching
  • Fixed random crashes of image histogram
  • Fixed minor bugs in showroom
  • Other bug fixes
Released: December 21, 2008
First final version. New filter and artwork add-ons. New help system and many bug fixes.
  • Added Color and Brightness search providers
  • Added option to set the output size of CREATE projects
  • Added new artwork add-ons
  • Added new filters
  • Added help system
  • Optimized the installation process
  • Added form that helps sending program recommendation to friends
  • Added more quickedit resize options
  • Fixed major memory leak bug when loading thumbnails
  • Fixed keyboard bugs in the image viewer
  • Fixed file type association problem when using Vista and default programs feature
  • Fixed bug in the albums manager where description sometimes wasn't saved
  • Fixed small bug where the title of the quick editor wasn't updated after save as operation
  • Fixed some upload to sharing account errors
  • Other bug fixes
Released: October 15, 2008
Added mouse gestures, improved AutoDesigner performance and fixed many bugs.
  • Added calendar template to AutoDesigner
  • Added business cards illustration template
  • Added mouse gestures
  • Added text editor to text items in AutoDesigner
  • Added gradient to image viewers in all application modules
  • Added confirmation before setting wallpaper
  • Added auto preview generation to AutoDesigner
  • Major optimization made in AutoDesigner
  • Improved texture loading performance
  • Improved some GUI behavior in AutoDesigner
  • Changed layer bounds graphics in AutoDesigner
  • Changed text items font selection & design
  • Changed some icons in Showroom
  • Changed delete operation to send to recycle bin instead of delete permanently
  • Fixed bug in AutoDesigner that caused background to disappear when flipping page
  • Fixed synchronization and inaccessible folders bugs in Showroom tree view
  • Fixed image fitting problem in some methods
  • Fixed bug in AutoDesigner templates when photo not found
  • Fixed bug in some templates that tried to load Palatino font
  • Fixed bug in Showroom
  • Fixed bug in slideshow when using random transition
  • Fixed bug in GUI that caused program to crash
  • Fixed bug in Windows Vista that caused random crashed when closing Visions
  • Fixed bug in filtering and artwork plug-ins that prevent configuration saving
  • Fixed masking bugs in AutoDesigner
  • Fixed bug when Exif meta data couldn'tít load
  • Fixed bug in AutoDesigner project save
  • Fixed bug in mail send
  • Other bug fixes
Released: September 13, 2008
Added option to send images by email. Fixed few bugs.
  • Added option to send images using Visions and from Windows Explorer
  • Added new drag and drop options of images, from and to Visions
  • Added option to set image as wallpaper
  • Associated AutoDesigner files (*.tvap) with Visions
  • Added option to show file properties in the image viewer
  • Updated the editor to indicate when preview mode is on
  • Rearranged zooming options of all image viewers
  • Exceptions are now handled correctly
  • Fixed small bug in the sharing panel where title and description were flipped
  • Other bug fixes
Released: August 31, 2008
Added new AutoDesigner and Artwork features. Improved overall performance. Many bug fixes.
  • Added new Artwork generator to editor
  • Added new AutoDesigner system to create cards, postcards, books and more
  • Added 23 sharing provider to the sharing panel
  • Added option to set quality when saving images as JPEG
  • Added histogram viewer to the editor
  • Added option to hide basket
  • Added option to select texture quality (to reduce memory consumption)
  • Added option to add folders by dragging them into the folder tree
  • Added advanced selection options to the editor
  • New version adds option to send us anonymous usage information in order to improve future versions
  • Rearranged program files and folders. Uninstall of previous version is recommended.
  • Updated program windows to show right click menu
  • Improved program loading time
  • Improved editor's exif meta data and image preview loading time
  • Improved image viewer loading time
  • Rearranged editor and sharing panels
  • Removed HTML tags from the texts in the sharing system
  • Modified color dialogs to use new advanced dialog
  • Modified the printing dialog to support settings per image
  • Fixed bug when processing transparent thumbnails in showroom
  • Fixed preview generation of multi-framed images in the preview dialog
  • Fixed many culture related bugs
  • Fixed crash in editor when no plugins found
  • Fixed bugs in Oil Paint and Median filters
  • Fixed preview generation when image is portrait
  • Fixed a bug in skinned form when windows taskbar position changed and the form was maximized
  • Removed duplicate confirmation dialogs in image viewer
  • Many other bug fixes
Released: May 7, 2008
Description: Significant performance improvement and bug fixes
  • Added option to add file's title on showroom thumbnails
  • Added support for textures mipmapping in showroom
  • Added multi-threaded texture loading on multi-core CPU's
  • Added option to hide controls in image viewer
  • Added option to drag files directly to editor's main icon
  • General GUI improvements
  • Improved thumbnails quality in showroom
  • Share action now requires confirmation to upload to the current logged in user
  • Improved main form and image viewer's startup time
  • Improved folder tree view loading time
  • Improved handling of connection loss in the sharing panel
  • Improved thumbnails loading time
  • Changed "Remove" menu item in board's context menu
  • Added "All but this board" menu item to board's context menu
  • Fixed zoom-in behavior when boards added to showroom
  • Fixed file transfer and delete bugs in showroom
  • Fixed crash when connection lost occurred in the Flickr authorization window
  • Fixed crash when tried to load illegal configuration value in the preferences window
  • Fixed crash when tried to load a nonexistent folder
  • Fixed bug when clicked on the remove flickr account button
  • Fixed unresponsive quick edit shortcuts in image viewer
  • Removed duplicate confirmation dialogs in image viewer
  • Fixed incorrect search behavior on the image search provider
  • Fixed many other bugs
Released: April 23, 2008
Description: New waves effect, new GUI improvements and many bug fixes
  • Added new waves effect
  • Added option to remove Flickr user from the panel
  • Added option to add and remove folders directly from the folders tree
  • Added option open a selected board in Windows Explorer
  • Updated image viewer to show image statistics
  • Updated quick edit to ask for permission for single files
  • Updated folder tree view to view folder's full path
  • Updated Meta data editor to accept PNG files
  • Fixed bug where program notified but not closed when launched from terminal session
  • Fixed fonts inconsistency issue
  • Fixed cross-threading crash on the search panel
  • Fixed image search provider
  • Fixed caching issue in Flickr
  • Fixed many other bugs
Released: April 16, 2008
Description: Maintenance release. Fixed critical error which caused application or system crash + many other bug fixes.
  • Added print measurement units property
  • Disabled saving on flickr photo details when no permissions
  • Fixed critical bug in showroom which caused the system or application to crash
  • Fixed small bugs in GUI
  • Fixed bug when no printers installed
  • Fixed bug in slide show image loading
  • Fixed bug in application splash screen
  • Fixed filter processing on selection change (fixes cropping exception)
  • Fixed exceptions when closing several windows of Visions
  • Fixed "null reference" exception in Folders Tree and improved performance
  • Fix file system watcher (file monitor) bugs
Released: April 15, 2008
Description: Maintenance release. Fixed serious bug when trying to add Flickr user appeared in build 1118.
  • Added print measurement units property
  • Fixed error when trying to add Flickr user
  • Fixed path form exception in first time wizard
  • Fixed print exception when no printers installed
Released: April 12, 2008
Description: Maintenance release. Improved performance and fixed small bugs.
  • Added option to send exception details
  • Added speed calculation and remaining time display during update
  • Periodic update check is no longer causing lock on startup
  • Overall speed improvement
  • Better exception handling
  • Fixed installation of required components
  • Thumbnails preview loading improved
  • Fixed bug in boards tour
  • Fixed context menu bug when dropping folders in showroom
  • Fixed process hang on exit
  • Fixed selection problems in showroom
Released: April 3, 2008
Description: First Beta version. Many fixes, optimizations and new features.
  • Added preview filter results when large images are loaded
  • Added 8 new quick edits to the application and to Explorer's right-click menu
  • Added drag and drop of images between panels
  • Print dialog now supports multi-frame images and multiple files printing
  • Improved speed of the undo/redo actions
  • Improved speed of the update process
  • Red-Eye filter settings dialog includes help and works only when selection is done
  • Fixed the "Device Lost" error in showroom
  • Fixed thumbnails management problems
  • Fixed update process in Windows Vista when UAC is enabled
  • Fixed update bug in picture box when multi-frame images are loaded
  • Fixed processing bugs in some filtering plugins
Released: March 20, 2008
Description: Added tour option, new carousel layout and some general fixes
  • Added tour option
  • Added home button
  • Added carousel boards layout
  • Added auto detection of white threshold on Black and White filter
  • Optimized external utilities startup time
  • Fixed crash on folder tree view
  • Update now works on Vista with UAC enabled
  • Fixed total processors detection on Vista
  • Fixed loading state indicator on the folder tree view
  • Fixed other small bugs
Released: March 6, 2008
Description: Improvements to the folder tree and sharing panel in addition to many other fixes
  • Tips dialog on startup
  • Add images to album from the Albums panel
  • File and folder actions can now be done directly from the folder tree view and showroom
  • Photos can now be dragged from explorer directly to the sharing panel
  • Option to choose between filtered and normal folder view
  • Drag images to the Image Viewer
  • Flickr caching issues fixed
  • Added monitoring of file system changes to the folder tree
  • Folder tree caching improved
  • Improved loading progress
  • Fixed image preview quality
  • Fixed board textures quality
  • Fixed sharing connection errors
  • Editor wasn't asking to save image changes when program closed
  • Fixed small bugs
Released: March 1, 2008
Description: First alpha release
  • First alpha version